Ready Player One

Author: Ernest Cline, 2011

Original Blog posted: January 2018

I’ve committed to reading more fiction this year and I’ve joined a book club to keep me on task. 😩 I sort of hate organized reading but, whatev’s. 💁🏽 I’ve been putting off reading this 4EVER. Not sure why. I’m a true 80’s baby. I had an Atari and a Commodore 64. I used to program that C64 to do all kinds of crap! Anyways, you don’t have to be an 80’s SyFy geek to love this book, but, it helps. The character plot twist is a plus as well. 😉 1 down, 23 to go. 👍🏾😘

December 2018 update: I really enjoyed this book, though I had to finish it to appreciate it. It was just what I needed as a my first foray into fiction after years of boring self help, improve your faith, love life, professional life rhetoric. The movie, however, is better than the book (gasp!). Its on Amazon Prime, you have that right? Are we mad at Jeff this week or nah? If nah, watch it. Tell me what you think.

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  1. Omg I loved this book! I didn’t know anything about the 80s but it was still really cool. I feel like the movie was a lot less geeky/nerdy about the 80s, and they kind of changed it a lot, but honestly, the movie was a lot more action packed. The book was more realistic, but the movie was way more attention-grabbing! Also, your review was great! It’s nice to find someone who likes some of the same books as me!

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