Children of Blood and Bone

Author: Tomi Adeyemi, 2018

Written by Nigerian-American novelist

Really not much to dislike here. Black, female author with her first entry of an epic fantasy series complete with a prince and princess, star crossed lovers, magical people and an evil king all set in West Africa. (And the book cover is ART. This will grace a coveted position in my library!) The premise is a few kids racing against time and away from bad(wo)men to bring magic back into their world in order to save their people from oppression by the evil monarchy. 
It’s YA (young adult) literature and you’ll feel it early on, earmarked by some short sighted decisions by the characters. With that said, it shouldn’t stop you from reading. Admittedly, it drags a little in some spots early on. The action lacks true bite, like the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. I’m not sure why she misses the mark early in the story. Especially, considering how graphic she allows the violence to get later: unexpected plot twist, real violence and suspense with a dash of sexual tension. It’s a great story full of colorful descriptions of African culture; food, places, clothes and god’s. The story uses themes of colorism, discrimination and hate handed from one generation to another. Children of the oppressed and oppressor are forced to reconcile the hate they have been taught. I really grew to like a few of the characters and the ending was a perfect blend of conclusions and new themes that made me pre-order the next entry. 🙌🏾🙌🏾👍🏾 #GoodBook Book 12 of 24! posted October 4, 2018

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