Full Dark, No Stars

Author: Stephen King, 2010

So…friends, family, graduation, love, travel…life happens! Back to this goal though… Book 9 of 24! #LetsGo 

Full Dark, No Stars.jpg

🙋🏾‍♀️ Hey. Remember me? The Stephen King Stan that hadn’t quite read ALL the books? Welp, I’m thinking I’ll use this challenge to change that. 
This is a book of short stories, mostly horrific in nature. Not the big over the top horrific, but, the subtle, maybe I’ll convince my kid to help me kill my wife today, kind of horrific. I like the kind of horror that sneaks up on you in the middle of a real life situation. It makes it more relatable and because you think it could just as well happen to you…you spend an extra 30 minutes at night checking all the locks and setting the house alarm. 

King hits it out the park with this one. Very little blood but, plenty of murder, mayhem, surprises and suspense. FYI, this book contains the written story that lead to the movie 1922, now showing on Netflix. If you watch it, remember, I warned you. 😱 Book 9 of 24. #ReadMore 😘😘 posted July 26, 2018

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