Good Omens

Author(s): Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman, 1990

March has been a busy month but, I’m committed to the journey! This IS a good read with one pre-requisite: You must like British humor. If you don’t, this will get old very quickly. British humor, to me, is super dry and subtle in its delivery, compared to American comedians. And, brits tend to be a bit wordy, as the dialogue gets here. The story is about a demon and angel joining forces, of sort, to avoid the apocalypse, as described in Revelations, because…well, they’ve been stationed on Earth for sometime and dammit they like it here! The partnership holds an interesting side plot about these two finding a bit of themselves in one another. The books ultimate question is nature or nurture since the Antichrist, Adam, is ‘misplaced’ and raised in a perfectly normal family instead of the one Satan’s evil nuns had prepared. How will Adam come to terms with his powers if left alone and not raised as heir apparent to Satan? I thoroughly enjoyed Adam and wonder how he has evolved since the writing of this book. Cheers to another Gaiman win! #GoodBook Book 5 of 24! Originally posted March 20, 2018

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