Strange Weather

Author: Joe Hill, 2017

Getting back on track! After a short departure, you can always pick up like you never left! ❤️❤️

Strng wthr.jpg
Joe Hill, published 2017

Strange Weather, Joe Hill: These are a few of the strangest stories I have ever read. Not a blood and gore horror book, though, still murderous but, mostly, suspenseful with plenty of surprises and subtlety presented, yet, strong messages. My edition included an Afterward by the author explaining some of his messages that I very much enjoyed. My book also included some really good visuals for each story. Sometimes, it’s nice to see how someone else visualizes the characters. All four stories play out with a backdrop of really bad weather…raining nails, or bullets, solid clouds and firestorms. 
Pro: The characters in these stories are REALLY diverse. Most books I read and certainly like, have a deep range of diverse characters. This guy seemingly goes out of his way to add some texture to his characters: Gun loving, drunk veterans, single Black moms, Asian editors, Russian terrorists and a gay, female, heroine. Enjoy the ride. 
Con: I enjoyed all the stories except one that I thought, ended abruptly. Even in short stories, I like to know the characters are going to get what’s coming to’em. 
Overall, good, short, read! Book 10 of 24! 👑🙏🏾😘😘 posted July 28, 2018

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