Adam #BookReview

Author: Ted Dekker, published 2008

Whoa! Dekker either writes slowly, creating epic, multi-volume stories of other worlds and histories or, like a speeding train off the track. This book would be of the later. It doesn’t even build slowly, I promise you it starts in the first chapter and nose dives.

Basically, the story is about an overzealous FBI agent in pursuit of a serial killer, on his 16th victim, when we enter the story. As you can assume, we learn how the agent has wrecked relationships at home and work, in pursuit of this killer.

Finally he stumbles upon an odd way to catch the killer, through induced death. Interestingly, Dekker takes us through the ‘makings of a killer’ as we learn about the circumstances that led up to the person becoming a serial killer. 

Dekker is a Christian, thriller writer and ALL of his stories include over the top, fantastic confrontations between good and evil. The layers of imagery and lessons embedded in his stories are incredible, this one being the best I’ve read so far. What starts as cop suspense quickly evolves into old, murderous demons and witnessed stigmata. I ❤️❤️ that stuff! Fast read. The plot twist will NOT be what you think. 💁🏾 #GoodBook Book 17 of 24!


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