The Good House

Author: Tananarive Due, published in 2003

Due is an African- American horror writer I discovered in my search for horror writers years ago. I rediscovered her while organizing some bookshelf’s in my home. I wanted to read some horror in the spirit of fall, Halloween and…I like scary suspenseful shit. 🙀 
The story is a multi-generational telling of a family and what turns out to be a haunted house. Grandma, a vodou priestess, low key steals some property and pisses off Papa Legba, a Haitian spirit god, in the doing so. Grandma, in an attempt to outsmart the demons that have cursed her family, decides to not hand down her knowledge of spells and the spirit realm. It doesn’t work. The story is centered around how the generational curse manifests in future generations, even without prior knowledge. (Funny how that happens. 🤔) The newer generation will have to unlearn the narrative given/made up, to cover a checkered past and learn from the family’s history to overcome current trouble.

(The life lessons are strong with this one, eh?!🙈🙉🙊) Anyways, murder, mayhem, sexy deep voiced black men (in my head💁🏾), some African gods, a big beautiful, creepy house, and very interesting characters make this a great haunted house story. You won’t guess the ending and she keeps you on the edge waiting for what’s next the entire time. #GoodBook Book 15 of 24. 😘😘

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