The Living Blood #BookReview

Author: Tananarive Due, published 2001

The Living Blood .jpg

A couple weeks ago I decided to rework a large bookshelf in my Living Room. I’m glad I did because I got reacquainted with a few characters I hadn’t visited in awhile. Due’s series on African Immortals, definitely being high on the list. 

The series starts with My Soul To Keep, released and read by me, 20 years ago. She’s followed up with 3 books in the series..but, I’ve been busy too the last 20 years. (See Book review 2 😏) Anyways, here we are. The series tells the story of people that have been exposed to ‘Living Blood’. Depending on how the blood is taken, you could live a healthy 200+ years or forever. This entry gives a lot of history on where the blood originated and demonstrates the lengths some will go to get it. We also get a glimpse of the possible future of the blood and the power it can yield through the young character, Fana. 

Due is great at developing very interesting, attractive characters. There is a thread of romance in the storyline and that keeps it interesting when people start dying. Yes, people die, some, horribly. This is not so much a horror but, definitely a thriller in the same vein as Stephen King. Due’s story’s are intense crescendos. During the climax, all characters are involved and it’s prolonged over several chapters. This made for a few sleepless all nighters for me but, I ❤️❤️ it. I haven’t stayed up all night reading a book in..20 years. 😉 I’ll definitely complete the series. #GoodBook! Book 16 of 24!

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