Faithful #BookReview

Author: Alice Hoffman, published 2016

My truth is, I’m typically reading books ahead of my written reviews/posts. It’s because sometimes the story gets inside me, the characters become so familiar, even if I don’t like them, I have to live with their stories a bit before I get all judgey in my comments. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Crazy, I know but, a bet the book readers feel me. 😉

I feel protective of Shelby, our protagonist. We meet her in high school after an incredible tragedy. She’s lost all her friends and most of herself. She’s spent time in a mental hospital but, still finds herself unworthy of anything good, especially love. Insecure, depressed and abusing her body, the story is about how this young lady pulls herself out of it all, by slowly allowing herself to engage with the world around her and FEELING. She makes some incredible missteps, falling in love with a married man, screwing up a good relationship. She still demonstrates a heart of gold that will do anything for the people she cares about. Shelby is very familiar to me. I know all about tough exteriors and reckless abandon to protect the ones I love. ♋️ Even encouraging feeling and engagement in a person that has decided they are unworthy. 

I like Shelby and I love the way the story turned out. This would make a GREAT book club read, breaking down all the themes and discussing the various sides to Shelby’s parents’ marriage, single mom w/kids and minimum wage jobs, her relationship with the weed dealer, the accident..but I digress. All enticement for you to read the book! If you do, tell Shelby I said Hi😉👍🏾 #GoodBook Book 20 of 24.

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