Patient Zero: A Joe Ledger Novel

Author: Jonathan Maberry, published 2009

This is the first book in a series following agent Joe Ledger. He’s like a mix of Jack Reacher and John Wick. Intelligent, sarcastic and superhero like ability in his job. He and his team routinely take on acts of bioterrorism. 

This installment sets the backdrop for future books. We meet all the players and learn how Joe is recruited into fighting terrorist who are creating zombies. The premise is a good one though I typically shy away from the authors writing style. The writing is very literal and overly detailed- I really didn’t need 10 pages of the science behind real life zombies🤦🏾‍♀️. It’s like he’s writing the screenplay before the movie happens. 

Pros: Real good action. Ramps up nicely to climax and because the writer is so literal, he completely sideswipes you with the character twists. Story is mostly set in Maryland, with the climax at 5th & Market in Philly (look it up or read the book to see what’s there😉). We meet Joe in OC and they eventually raid a crab processing plant in Crissfield. Nice to read a book that references places close to my heart. 

Cons: We’re talking about zombies. It took 10 chapters for a character to say ‘zombie’. I have no idea why but, it was real annoying. Overly detailed about things I don’t care about, however, it’s a genre, I get it. If the science of bioterrorism interest you, this is the series for you. My Kindle edition had an appendix detailing what science was real and what was made up. Most of it was real. This book was written 8 years ago, scary to think about what may be possible today! 

Overall, #GoodBook! I’ll eventually read through all the installments. Science isn’t that bad. 😉 Book 19 of 24! Originally posted November 2018

Update: January 2019: I’ve missed Joe. I didn’t realize how much I liked this book until I had read a few others and found myself thinking of what the ol’gang is up to. Lucky me, there’s 9 more Joe Ledger books to read. I’ll be prioritizing them on my TBR 2019 list.

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