Blood Colony #BookReview

Author: Tananarive Due, published 2008

This is the third installment to Due’s series on immortals. The story is centered on Fana (who I ❤️!) and her journey to discovering herself, her powers and exploring the world outside the family compound. (The compound was created at the end of the 2nd book, The Living Blood. Read my review here:

The tale is a good one filled with all my favorite things: murder, suspense, plot twist, star-crossed lovers and black people 😜💪🏾✔️. The ending is interesting, especially because, while reading the book, I thought I was reading the final chapter..nope. One more to go in the series. Hello 2019 to be read list. Admittedly, the twist dragged about two chapters longer than I wanted it too, I still liked it. Sidebar: I liked Fana and Michael together. Gives me ‘us and against world’, Jay and Bey tease. Eh, I’m a sucka for the underdog, bad guy goes good type. But, does he go good? #ReadTheBook 🤷🏾‍♀️ 💁🏾 Book 22 of 24! #GoodBook

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