Well readers, I’ve successfully completed my 2018 challenge of reading 24 fiction novels! Giving birth to this blog was gravy and definitely not on the list of things to maintain in 2019, but, I’ll figure it out. (Which is why January’s been a bit loosey goosey, I’ll work on that!)

I maintain my TBR list on GoodReads – its 164 books strong. #Geesh 24 books a year won’t cut it. I’m increasing my prescription to 36 for 2019. Reading other blogs, I see folks saying they’ve read well over 150 books in a year. Listen, I have a life or, I should say, I have a job. And this blog is my side bitch. I also have an inkling to read other things besides fiction. Not much, but Becoming definitely has to, and will, happen. I’m also thinking of re-reading The Four Agreements, an all time favorite. No worries, plenty of new fiction happening this year. The follow up to Children of the Blood and Bone will be out soon and I’ll probably stop everything to pick it up.

A few things while we’re chatting: No spoilers ever. My wish is to encourage you to read a book, not offer cliff notes or ruin the ending for you. Also, quite on purpose, I offer my reviews, through MY lens. I happen to think the perspective of nearly middle aged, professional, black woman from Philly is rare and interesting. You may or may not agree. Its all good. I’m pretty good at evoking the spirit of delete and block if you get randy in my comments. 🙂

So, cheers to a new year and let’s get on with reading!

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