Dead Men Can’t Complain

Author: Peter Clines, published 2017

Narrated by: Ralph Lister and Ray Porter

Yes boys and girls, I listened to this one! It’s an Audible original and exclusive by Peter Clines. I’m a new fan of his and anxious to devour everything he’s written. This was on my TBR list ahead of The Fold. I haven’t listened to many books but, this one was really good. It was narrated by Ray Porter and Ralph Lister and to my inexperienced ears, they did a good job!

This is collection of short stories, very short in some cases but no less odd in any case. We have a guy that comes into the police station wearing what appears to be a lizard custom, but isn’t, in typical Clines fashion, no additional explanation given. Zombie’s, detectives being chased by ‘them’ and my favorite, the superhero that maybe isn’t that super. All good weird, stories with a diverse cast of characters. A nice listen while you clean the house and wrap Christmas gifts! (Which is what I did!) Also a great mental set up for my next few books!

Check this out as you commute!

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