The Fold

Author: Peter Clines

Published: June 2, 2015

First book of 2019!

Since I’ve discovered GoodReads, I now have a sensible way to track and record what I’ve read. It’s also a super addictive way to add books to your ‘to be read’ list. 😫 I have aprox 175 & counting. 😳 No pressure though. Just me reconnecting with my most favorite hobby.🥰

I enjoyed this one more than 14 and that’s saying a bit. We get to the action pretty quickly in this one, though again, Clines does enjoy drawing out the mystery beyond what is necessary. The story is about a group of scientists commissioned to create a time travel device. They’ve accomplished it but don’t seem to be clear on how and, on top of that, strange things start happening to the people that’ve been through the device. Strange like, they go home and shoot their spouses in the face, strange. 🤷🏾‍♀️ The team of inventors are super secret, untrusting squirrels, so the financing government agency sends in super smart Mike Erickson to review the teams data, earn their trust and find out what’s going on. A little bit of a thin premise but the character is so likable, I ignored it. No matter how it happened, they’ve definitely found an open portal or fold in time and shit is traveling through it. 

Story goes in too much on how smart Erickson is. I guess to cover the implausible reason why he’s present at all? Also drags on the how, what, when of the device. We see pretty quickly, the scientists don’t have a clue, get on with it! Shouldn’t have taken so many chapters for that to unravel. Overall, good dialogue, good action, good characters. Nice tie in to 14 at the end..Clines doing his Stephen King thing. I see u. #AllHailKing😜 #GoodBook 1 of 36!

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