Watchers #BookReview

Author: Dean Koontz

Published: February 1987

According to Dean Koontz, Watchers is one of his most loved books and his personal favorite. Originally published in 1987, over 30 years ago, I have been pleasantly surprised at its relevance to modern day. Themes of Christian beliefs versus scientific advancement for the ‘greater good’, moral superiority and love – all play out in a story about a dog and his chosen family.

The story is centered around a dog, genetically engineered to be much smarter than the average dog. The dog eventually escapes from the lab where he was created and not only are his ‘makers’ tracking him, so is his older, more sinister ‘brother’. Also engineered to be smarter, ‘the other’ is meaner and resents the younger more appealing dog. The nicer dog eventually brings together a young couple of thirty somethings, that we learn, have each had a tough life. A great part of the story is seeing their love affair take shape. And even though it has a fairytale quality, it’s not at all cheesy. The two characters are extremely likable and you will find yourself cheering for them and being afraid for them, which helps to pull you into the tale.

Again, most of the story is centered around people chasing the dog and the shenanigans that erupt. Each character has his/her own opinion on if the creation of the smarter dog elevated him to a higher being deserving of greater rights or if it should even be captured and destroyed because of its intelligence. What starts off as a type of thriller really turns into nonstop action. I loved it! I can definitely see why this is one of the writers favorite and most successful. Good book! Book 4 of 36! 😘😘

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