Jade City #BookReview

Author: Fonda Lee, Published: November 2017

I. Loved. This. Book. ❤️❤️ It falls right in my wheelhouse of favs with elements of suspense & fantasy, with some beautifully written fight scenes thrown in for good measure. So, tidbit about me: I’m a fan of Kung-fu movies. No worries, I won’t geek out on you here…but, this book reads like a cross between a good kung-fu movie and Children of Blood and Bone…but more mature, grittier.

The story is staged in a country that instead of a current day mafia style gang, it has arguably, more dignified, Jade families. Jade is a powerful jewel giving the wearer enhanced senses & fighting strength. The families, it’s members & supporters are entwined in government & local businesses operating under a long running truce. The story begins when one family seeks to end the truce & expand its territory. 

The writer weaves in themes of salary inequality, unpopular images of feminism, toxic masculinity & economic hierarchies without being preachy & giving us much more complex characters than Blood & Bone. I found there was no clear path to right or wrong so I felt myself cheering for individual characters that may have been pitted against one another. One of my favs is a lead characters wife, who is immediately marginalized by another female character (who we’re lead to believe is ‘strong’) as ‘just a wife’ capable of only cleaning & keeping house because of her beauty & inability to wear jade. Behold, the wife becomes pivotal in the war storyline & honestly, the other chic always seemed mentally weak to me.

Today, some reconcile female strength with, or a desire to be, equal to men. That’s too bad. Women are multifaceted; we can run businesses, break legs, break you off AND bake cakes and wear pumps. #HelloLights 💁🏾 I digress. 

This is the first book in a series & I was super disappointed when the second book wasn’t available on Amazon. 😫 It still isn’t available but, I cant wait to revisit the story. Read this book! #GreatBook Book 6 of 36!

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