The Death of Mrs. Westaway

Author: Ruth Ware | Published: 2018

I think I’m on a roll for 2019. I didn’t read so many good books all of 2018. Either it’s luck or I’m getting better at picking what I like. This is another really great book. It’s suspense and mystery with a hellva plot twist you’ll never guess.

I love when suspense authors take the very relatable simple lives of characters and twist them into a bundle of whodunnits and why. This is the case of Hal, a youngish, poor girl, with no family (having just lost her mother in a horrific accident), when she gets a request to appear at the reading of a rich distant relatives will. Hal is sure the lawyer has mistaken her identity but, she needs money. And, being predisposed to a life of swindling, she decides to pose as the person the family thinks she is and attempt to get whatever’s coming to her. 😳 

The author does an excellent job of creating several small interesting plots that weave all the characters together in the end to a very good climax. The other great thing about this book is the characters. Ware does a really good job of fleshing out and creating multidimensional characters. I found myself being interested in all of them, regardless if I thought they were bad or good. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear about this one being adapted to a movie. Someone get this one to Reese Witherspoon or Tyler Perry. #GoodBook Book 9 of 36.

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