The Dragon Factory #BookReview

Joe Ledger series #2

Jonathan Maberry | 2010

Another great Joe Ledger book! #2 in the series picks up with our evil protagonists from book one. Cyrus Jakoby and his sidekick Otto have healed from their physical wounds, but, continue to be batshit crazy otherwise. They’ve vigorously pushed forward with their plans of ‘thinning out the herd’ (Thanos, anyone?) by killing ‘mud people’ through maximizing on genetically engineered diseases. Cyrus has created 2 children of his own, genetically engineered twins Paris and Hecate. Both blonde haired, blue eyed, physically fit specimens of what he thinks the human race should look like in the future. (Be prepared for a bunch of Hitler rhetoric) Problem is, children are unpredictable. The adult children have their own plans for world domination and it doesn’t included ending it until they’ve taken their fill.

The story is a good one and has all the fast paced action, one line zingers and violence the first book did. Maberry does let up a bit on the overwriting I felt in the first book. He allows us to imagine more of the scene and doesn’t feel the need to tell me it’s 72 degrees, with a 62% chance of rain. 🤦🏾‍♀️ You’ll still experience a lengthy dialogue or 3, between Joe and a subject matter expert on the terror threat of the moment. This time around it happens to be genetic modification of humans and the hopes and dreams of Adolf Hitler and his team. It’s heavy handed and admittedly, I skipped a page or two because I didn’t want to absorb that mess. However, it’s not a showstopper from reading the book.

I get asked most by folks that never read ‘what should I read?’ I point them to the Ledger series. Maberry has breakneck action, relatable topics and he writes characters you will actually like. And, no spoilers, but, he’s not afraid to kill those characters off. 💁🏾 You’ve been warned. His books help to cleanse my palate, between reading heavy, long or troublesome content. #GoodBook Book 11 of 36.

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