The Venus Complex #BookReview

Barbie Wilde| 2012 | #BookReview

Uh, this was a weird one. The erotic horror genre is probably a bit off my yellow brick road but, to be fair, I didn’t know what I was getting into when I started. The writer, Barbie Wilde plays the only female Cinnabite in the Hellraiser movies. As I’m a fan of all things horror and Hellraiser is a cult fav, I was super excited to dig in. Had I read her bio a bit closer I would have realized what I was getting into. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Eh, what’s life without a little adventure?

Overall, it’s about being in the mind of a person capable of killing. His opinions, how he makes decisions. We meet Michael as he decides to kill his wife one evening in a purposeful car accident. He gets away with it, the murder anyway, left to endure months solitary rehabilitation. Solitary, because as it turns out, Mike’s not much of a friend..or patient. Seems his wife was the social butterfly. To that point, during rehab is when he spirals into depression and starts to loose his mind. He misses the company of his wife & friends, though, I’m not sure he claims it as such. We are privy to his state of mind through a journal a caregiver asks him to start. Eventually, Mike finds a new object of obsession: Elaine. A young scientist/psychologist in criminal forensics of some sort. I’m not sure if Michael starts killing to attract her attention or if he would have started killing anyway. 🤷🏾‍♀️ You read it and tell me. Either way the killing starts and the story somehow crescendos into a scene where he is both a murder and having the best sex of his life. 🤔🙄 Insane.

The book is not so much horrific but perhaps thrilling and suspenseful. If you can overcome Mike’s rants and opinions on everything from banking, the internet, race relations and Christmas…you’ll be able to carve out a great story. I did enjoy the book and read it a rainy weekend at the end of March. If you’re a fan of Eric Jerome Dickey or Zane, but wouldn’t mind a stronger plot with a horror twist, this is your cup of tea. #Goodbook Book 13 of 36.

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