Silent Patient #BookReview

Alex Michaelides | 2019 |#BookReview

When I picked this up the first week in April, it was being advertised all over social media. That’s typically my red flag to stay away. 😔 Something about too much visibility just turns me off. I caught an interview with the author though and he claimed to have been influenced by Agatha Christie and reading books on the beach. Well, how could I NOT read his book after that confession?! Agatha Christie?! Come on!

The story starts with Alicia, a wife seemingly on the brink of emotional collapse and her husband Gabriel attempting to do anything to help her. Alicia loves Gabriel, and is devoted to him, their life and convincing him she is fine. No spoilers, but eventually Alicia shoots Gabriel and ends up in a psych ward, not speaking and regarded as a lost cause. We meet Theo her psychotherapist that has overcome trauma of his own in the past and believes he can help Alicia. Theo considers himself a small time gumshoe and begins to investigate Alicia’s case. He believes there’s more to the story and if he can find it out, she’ll talk.

This book is gooooddd. Deep down, call out of work because you cannot put it down good. It’s more of a mystery a’la Agatha Christie with a psychological thriller twist. But that twist is sooooo unsuspected. Literally a ‘holy shit’ moment. Very well written. Overall a story about love, betrayal and it’s cost.

I think the best thrillers immerse you in the story, intentionally drawing your attention away from the killer twist until it’s too late and you’re shook. I’m happy to say this is definitely one of those thrillers. I wouldn’t be surprised if this one made it to the movies. Ignore the social media blitz and enjoy! #GoodBook Book 14 of 36.


  1. Wow, he wrote this book so well I searched for others and sadly I didn’t find them I thought that I didn’t look well. It’s a good one. Thanks for your recommendations I’ll definitely try them out.


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