The Sister #BookReview

Louise Jenson | 2018

This is another really good thriller with many twist and turns. It starts off a little slow and I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the main character, Grace. She’s written as one of those damsels in constant distress always seeking a savior, and that grates my nerves. She bucks up soon enough, if only in her own way, and that allows me to finish the story.

There’s tons of twist and turns and like good thrillers, it reaches a fever pitch you may partially suspect but, you’ll still really want to see play out. Basically, we meet Grace as she is mourning the loss of her dear friend, Charlie. We learn that Grace views Charlie as her everything- an all around angel and a scholar that happens to have a pretty shitty home life due to an absent father and alcoholic mother. The narration by Grace describe incidents that signal to me that Charlie was no perfect angel but, whatever. At some point Charlie decides to run off, leaving a cryptic ‘Ive done something horrible, forgive me’ note. Grace can’t figure out what angel Charlie could have possibly done, and reluctantly moves on. 🙄 Years pass and through some twist of fate, Charlie winds up back in town for a hot five minutes before she drops dead. 😱 Grace and Charlie’s community of friends and family are devastated. Interestingly enough, while cleaning up Charlie’s belongings, Grace finds evidence that Charlie may have a long lost sister that mom neglected to tell anyone about. This turns the damsel in distress Grace into a private detective and we’re off to the races.

In real life I’ve found, whenever you launch a journey of discovery about any thing or person, the journey, inevitably becomes about yourself. This will be true for Grace. She will uncover massive betrayal from those she thought loved her most and make terrible mistakes along the way…it will be sad, unsuspected, and incredibly interesting to read. 😜 Books likes this remind me of a good Lifetime movie. Like, what is your life that you even think to write stuff like this? Who hurt you? Author, get help…after you write the next book. 😉 #GoodBook Book 16 of 36.


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