Before She Knew Him

Peter Swanson | 2019

Another great thriller! This one is about Henrietta (Hen), her childhood sweetheart husband Lloyd and them happening to move next door to a guy who murdered a kid from their small town. Of course, they didn’t know it at first. Hen comes to the conclusion during an impromptu dinner party at the neighbors house after she spots a suspect item. Seeing it of course launches the plot which involves Hen attempting to convince everyone around her what she already knows, her neighbor is a killer.

An overall theme is mental illness and how much of it is due to internal or external factors. Often times those closest to us either drive us batshit crazy or take full advantage of the fact we are batshit crazy. In my opinion, it’s still our responsibility to manage or issues, people’s access to us and our circle of sanity. Easier said then down when the culprit is mommy, daddy, brother or spouse. Hen has bipolar disorder with a history of erratic behavior. Does it make her a less credible witness because her issues have been documented while others may not have?

Most notable is the relationship Hen develops with Matthew, the suspected murderer next door. Even in his own insanity, he is honest with her. The eventual trust built between the two will captivate you. It’s almost a love story. Almost. 🙄🤔😏

This was a really good book finished in a few days mid April. Much like the character Grace from Sisters, Hen starts off as a bit of a distressed damsel. Though it’s because her world has told her she IS a distressed damsel because of her bipolar disorder. She does however ignore the peanut gallery, sticks to her guns and sees the thing through to the end and I wound up really appreciating her. Content: sexual tension, murder, mayhem. Great, quick, beach read! #GoodBook 17 of 36!

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