#BookReview The Perfect Husband

Author: Lisa Gardner | 1997

I really enjoyed The Perfect Husband, is was a fast, juicy read filled with suspense, thrills, violence, sex and surprises.

The story is an extreme take on the typical young wife, marries older controlling, probably abusive man. Story ends with someone dying, doesn’t matter who, either way you get a good tale, a’la Lifetime cable tv. This author takes it a step further though and includes some interesting elements like a rogue, sexy, probably alcoholic, ex-military gun for hire, his FBI agent sister, a sociopathic killer and his kid, and a cross country man hunt. There’s some interesting twists and turns but everyone plays their part and you get a Big Bang ending that I enjoyed. It’s kind of sex, drugs, rock and roll…and shoot-outs, in a book. This should be a movie. Definitely a quick beach read. #GoodBook 18 of 36.

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