The King of Plagues #BookReview #JoeLedger

Jonathan Maberry | 2011

Another great Joe Ledger book! I think I’ve already said I use this series as a bit of a pallet cleanser; typically read after heavy content or every few books. I finished Anissa Grays book late May, around the same time we went live with a new operating system at work. Between the Butler family’s poor communication and unresolved childhood trauma and dealing with staff anxiety around change, I was mentally exhausted. I wanted to escape. Enter, a good damn book! 😜✅ What’chu think they fo’?! With this series the author has found a very entertaining recipe for escapism: lie, murder, sex, shoot out, evil, betrayal, shoot out, die, mostly resolve bad guy/issue, but definitely leave something on the table for next time. This installment doesn’t vary far from that formula.

We meet Joe as he’s pulled into duty after an explosion kills thousands of people in a London hospital. As he pulls back the layers, he encounters assassins attempting to kill him, an Ebola break out, is involved in a terrorist attack in a local cafe and last, but, certainly not least, what’s a Ledger book without an over the top secret society, richer than God, meaner than the devil and crazier than a bedbug?! Maberry writes evil really well. The characters here have the audacity to expect honor amongst thieves! They call themselves the Seven Kings, engage in elaborate initiation ‘meetings’, uphold their ‘Goddess’ and vow to reset the worlds economic structure by releasing the 10 plagues. I swear it’s creepy and will make you think twice about touching or drinking anything. Ever.

I noticed this book moves a beat slower than previous Ledger entries. I think, purposefully. We get to learn more about Mr. Church and Aunt Sallie, in a probable set up for future plot lines.

The other standout to me was the author neglected to pick up where book #2 dropped off. I was disappointed about that because it was a great cliffhanger with Ledger ready to find and kill the villain that took his Grace. Bummer that got ignored. Hopefully we’ll pick that up in a future book.

Overall, great read. Mostly murder and mayhem, not at all predictable but, not overly deep. Development around the mysterious Mr. Churchcharacter was interesting. Joe Ledger is great a distraction and even better interlude for deeper, more complex content. #GoodBook 20 of 36!

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