Down the TBR Hole

I ended 2018 having read 25 books and feeling rather accomplished. I set my 2019 goal at 36 and planned to pace myself, mildly concerned if I wasn’t careful, it could get away from me and I would lag behind. Then I discovered folks in bookish threads on IG and WordPress writing about the 36 books they read last month!🤦🏾‍♀️ A slight exaggeration but, honey, not by far. 🙈🤭😏🙄 I decided to nix even more trash tv and commit to the process. Fast forward to today and I’m reading my 26th book this year. (City of Girls and I want to poke my eyeballs out with a dull pencil, but, I digress) At this rate I’ll exceed my yearly goal by 15 books or so. Yay me! I think I’ve honed in on what interests me and allowed myself to be lead by others to read things I wouldn’t normally, with stellar results. I’ve also leaned into writing a bit, rediscovering an old love. In that spirit, I’ve decided to open myself up to some writing prompts and, when I feel inspired, put in some elbow grease. This time I was inspired by The Educated Negra @ Rae’s Reads and Reviews and her TBR list review. It’s combining 2 things I enjoy: books and writing about books.

I’m a newbie on GoodReads, having started my list December 2018. It’s now hovering around 300 reads and…yea. How’s that gonna happen? Lol, may be a quick and dirty edit will help!

If you want to join in, sort your TBR list by date added, pick the earliest 5-10 books, read the synopsis and decide wither to hold’em or fold’em!

Here goes:

Bloodchild and Other Stories by Octavia E. Butler: I went on a short story run last year and read some great ones. I also read some Octavia Butler last year and didn’t fall in love. Sad to say, some of my more difficult reads. Hard Fold.

What You Owe Me, Bebe Moore Campbell: I thought I had read all Campbell stuff 25 years ago. She is a great teller of stories that resonate with young women that look like me. I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy reading this. Hold.

The Rules of Magic, Alice Hoffman: I enjoy reading Hoffman. She creates complex interesting characters and Oprahs book list has never steered me wrong. This is a keeper. Hold.

N, Stephen King: Kings been pretty touch and go with me lately. Mostly the later. Life’s to short and there’s plenty of good books out there. I think I’m going to pass on this one. Fold. Ugh. 😢

Assassins Code, Jonathan Maberry: This is the 4th book of the Joe Ledger series. I haven’t enjoyed a series this much since Kings Dark Tower. I think I’ve described Joe Ledger as a mix of Jack Reacher and John Wick. Keeper. Hell, I might read this next week. Hold.

Neverwhere, Neil Gaiman: If you haven’t read any Gaiman it’s a real shame. He is a great storyteller, leaning more to monsters, mystery and uncomplicated strangeness. This one is about a man that, through a single act of kindness, looses everything. Must read. Hold.

Armada, Ernest Cline: I really enjoyed the book and the movie for Ready Player One. It was my first read when I started this fiction journey. Armada has received some pretty negative reviews but, I think I’m going to hold this one for now. Hold.

The Visitation, Frank Peretti: I’m Christian and I enjoy Christian horror. Peretti writes about epic battles of ultimate good versus evil. Hold.

The MaddAddam Trilogy, Margaret Atwood: I’ve not read any Atwood and that includes the Handmaids Tale. Dystopian novels interest me though because I enjoy reading creative twist on how someone else thinks things will turn out. Though the failure of 1Q84 almost makes me want to put this back…. Hold.

The Bear and The Nightingale, Katherine Arden: A long tale of magic, mystery, witches, and even an evil step mother. Right up my alley. Hold.

Overall, it doesn’t look as if I have as much ‘junk’ on here as I suspected!

Have you read any of these? Did you add any to your tbr?


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