The Date #BookReview

Louise Jensen | June 2018

I’m sooo incredibly behind in writing reviews. Confession: I read The Date in August. #Gasp Hey, life is happening! I read, but, the writing well…I have to be inspired. (Say inspired slowly and kinda soft😏) Anyways, say a prayer and raise your glass to me committing to catching up this month. 🙏🏾🥂😘

The Date: Hands down, the craziest book I’ve ever read. If you’re like my sister and live as if any and every crime can, and probably will, happen to you – mostly because you watch too much ID Channel – do not read this book. You will never be able to sleep again.

The Date starts off mid-crime as we meet newly separated Alison Taylor, waking on a Sunday morning after an initial Saturday night date with a guy she met online. She’s in pain, doesn’t remember anything from the night before and doesn’t recognize the face she sees in the mirror. (Yea, delete that POF profile sis.😐) But, wait, there’s more. Ali’s best friend and roommate seems to be ‘missing’ and Ali gets diagnosed with some odd disease that is causing her to not recognize faces – even of people she’s known her whole life! Well, now, that’s going to make it a bit tricky for her to find her bestie and learn what happened last Saturday, huh? Throw in mysterious messages attached to long stem roses, a strange, aloof ex-husband, weird neighbors, jealous girlfriends, a messy childhood with a creepy Aunt and dead momma – you’ve got a story.

The Date is Louise Jensen latest book. I read and reviewed her first, The Sister, in June 2019. I remember summing up the review by posing a question to the author: ‘who hurt you that you would write something like this…get help.” 😐 This woman has a beyond twisted mind and writes a mean psychological thriller. I’ve only read two of her books but her habit is to grab your attention early, then proceed to throw everything and the kitchen sink at you as you speed to the climax. This book followed that formula with great return. There were so many red herrings, I didn’t know if I was coming or going by the time it ended.

Pros: I enjoyed the ride. Not once did the characters bore me, nor did the story drag as most of this genre tends to do in my opinion. There seem to be overall themes woven into Jenson’s stories, that I pick up on anyway. This one spoke to me about grudges and resentment people often hold closely, even towards those they profess to love dearly. At one point, Ali’s best friend expresses some resentment towards Ali for the breakdown of her marriage. Ali’s husband resents her for loosing his job, her brother resents her for their childhood. Yikes, might want to carefully review every close relationship you have..after you delete that POF profile. 💁🏾

Con: Everything and the kitchen sink? I got a bit punch drunk at one point. You’ll need to take break just to absorb all that’s going on and attempt to guess whodunit. Side note: You wont guess whodunit. But, try. 💁🏾😏🤣 #Goodbook 26 of 36.

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