Assassin’s Code a Joe Ledger novel #BookReview

Jonathan Maberry | April 2012

Book four in this series

I haven’t read a series longer than 3 books since Nancy Drew, circa 1980’s. Joe may remind me a bit of Nancy, his tenacity, strong moral compass and desire for justice. Definitely one of the reasons I enjoy the series, other than the action just being well written.

In my opinion, the plot was a bit all over the place in this entry. Joe and his team of international crime fighters, are in Iran on a mission to rescue several college students arrested as ‘spies’. The extraction is successful but, getting out of the country proves difficult. Joe ends up sticking around longer than planned and gets fed some info about possible nuclear weapons planted in the Middle East and North America. With that, flame on! Everyone comes out of the woodwork to try and get this info from Joe and kill him.

The plot is more than a simple double cross and I had a tough time keeping up with who was who. Christians versus Muslims, monsters versus monster hunters and monster hunters against Christians. Of course we have appearances from our old villain, Hugo Vox. Good thing there’s a sexy sniper chic as a co-star this episode and we (including Joe!) can all be distracted by her. 😂

Pros: Like the first book, with zombies, Maberry takes an old favorite monster and modernizes the scare. This time, with vampires. Very interesting and very dangerous. Typical Ledger excitement and fast pace. Great shooting/fighting action scene. This book, for me grabbed me as much as the first one did.

Cons: The plot is to heavy handed and confusing. I still don’t have a clue who’s fighting for what or really why. I wish it were a much cleaner plot.

Maberry just released (Nov 2019) the 13th installment in the Ledger series, Rage. There’s no rush, but, I have a long way to go to catch up! This is a great series that I really enjoy and highly recommend to all readers. #GoodBook 28 of 36

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