Imaginary Friend #BookReview

Stephen Chbosky | October 2019

From GoodReads:

IMAGINE… Leaving your house in the middle of the night.
Knowing your mother is doing her best, but she’s just as scared as you.

IMAGINE…Starting a new school, making friends.
Seeing how happy it makes your mother.
Hearing a voice, calling out to you.

IMAGINE…Following the signs, into the woods.
Going missing for six days.
Remembering nothing about what happened.

IMAGINE…Something that will change everything…
And having to save everyone you love.

My Review:

#InterestingRead My greatest desire as a reader is to be grabbed at sentence one and taken on a long roller coaster ride of a story. In every practical sense, Imaginary Friend delivers, tenfold.

The powers that be have classified this as horror and perhaps that’s initially true. My booky friends, that are less King fans than I, will clinch when I say this but, this book gives me Dark Tower tease. 🙄😏😜 I know, I know..we see King in errythang but, indulge me: A true fantasy trip complete with a treehouse where you enter into other dimensions that include zombie like ‘mailbox people’ with sewn shut mouths and herds of weird deer. It even has its on gunslinger of sorts, the towns sherif, desperately attempting to save a little magical boy and his single mom, who has a keen ability to pick bad partners. Familiar? 💁🏾

The story starts as a mystery as we meet a young boy, in the past, sneaking out of his home to never be seen again, to stop the ‘hissing lady’ in the woods near his home. It fast forwards to current day and we meet our young protagonist, David Olsen. David eventually learns about the hissing lady and the mysterious woods. As the plot thickens, it gains more horrific elements. The author does a great job of creeping you out with cranky old people, zombie like ‘mailbox people’, pacts of wild deer and folks seemingly under the influence of something evil as they torture one another.

Pros: Elements of fantasy, horror and mystery will keep you twisted until the end. There may even be a bit of a love story tucked in there for good measure. Good character development as you get to know each each character.

Con: You get to know each character. 😏🙄💁🏾. Understanding the backstory is key to the mystery so we learn about each character’s past. Some of the storylines are more torturous than others. For me, reading about the parents and fellow church members of a young, possibly pregnant mother was cringey at best. There’s also some weirdly placed overtures related to religion I’m not sure I understand. I wish people would work their issues with God out elsewhere. 🤦🏾‍♀️

Weighing in at 700 pages, Friend is long. For sure, it could have been cut by 30% and we wouldn’t have missed a thing. It doesn’t drag but, he certainly takes his time.

Reading fiction is an act of escapism for me. This book hit the 🎯. Lots of descriptive language and action to distract you from everything. But trust me, this is a mystery wrapped in an illusion of horror, stay sharp! Try to see whodunit! Enjoy! GoodBook 31 of 36!


  1. Glad you enjoyed Imaginary Friend! I had mixed feelings at first but looking back, this was one of the most enjoyable reading experiences I had in 2019 and it’s a very memorable read. Going to have to check out Dark Tower too in the future, still just starting to get into King’s work. 🙂

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