Dead Moon #BookReview

Audible Only| Peter Clines | Published 2019

Book 2 of 42

GoodReads Book Description:

In the year 2243, the Moon belongs to the dead.

The largest graveyard in the solar system, it was the perfect solution to the overcrowding and environmental problems that had plagued mankind for centuries. And the perfect place for Cali Washington to run away from her past.

But when a mysterious meteor crashes into one of the Moon’s cemeteries, Cali and her fellow Caretakers find themselves surrounded by a terrifying enemy force that outnumbers them more than a thousand to one. An enemy not hindered by the lack of air or warmth or sustenance.

An enemy that is already dead.

Now Cali and her compatriots must fight to survive. Because if they don’t, everyone on the Moon may be joining the dead.

And maybe everyone on Earth, too.

My Review:

When I started my book reading challenge in 2018, I wasn’t a huge fan of audio-books. I enjoyed the act of isolating myself, huddling in my favorite spot with some tea & rum and holding an actual book and reading. I barely got beyond holding a physical book to support using Kindle -I thought audio was a no go for me. Since, audio has grown on me. It helps with hard to absorb content (self-help) or when a book gets tough to read (1Q84). I save YouTube and TV episodes of You, for treadmill workouts. I like to listen to a good book while doing laundry or mindless tasks. It passes the time and I feel more productive.

Dead Moon is an audible only book.

Dead Moon is sold as a follow up to Peter Clines, previous books, 14 & The Fold. If that’s true, I don’t get the connection. 14 and The Fold, both excellent and reviewed by me, were stand alone books, linked only by the pretense of very different characters happening upon Clines’ ‘Dark Tower’ aka, alien planet. None of the characters or location of Dead Moon line up with either 2 of his previous books.

Dead Moon is set in 2243, on the moon. Apparently, Earth has become so crowded that humans have determined its best to bury the dead on the Moon. I say ‘apparently’ because I’m not sure we ever learn what is happening on Earth and why this has become a thing. At any rate, things appear to have been fine until a mysterious meteor falls to the ground and all hell breaks loose. Sort of, literally.

Pros: Interesting take on zombies and you don’t have to wait for the action to begin. It starts right away and there is plenty of fighting, screaming, scrambling and dying going on from start to finish. Very descriptive battles with a real since of urgency driving the story. This was an audiobook so it needs mentioning that I thought the narrator(s) was excellent.

Cons: Where did this story come from?! Beware, it seems to start in the middle, towards the end of a longer standalone novel. That, alone, isn’t a problem but, I would’ve liked more context. We never learn whats happened on Earth, or anywhere, that bodies have to be buried on the moon. We also don’t get to know the characters before they start dying off…and there’s a shit ton of them. 🤦🏾‍♀️ There is a side plot around one character and his desire to get at the meteor that started it all, but, I don’t remember it getting resolved. I was ok when characters started dying off because frankly, I didn’t know who they were anyway.

Overall, this was an entertaining, action packed, quick read. Lower your expectations for in depth character development or a super complex plot. Im no script writer but, this feels like it could have been some sort of workup for a movie or Netflix drama. Dead Moon is a zombie apocalypse..maybe less the apocalypse, but double the zombie and drama! #GoodBook 2 of 42

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