Here Is The Beehive

Sarah Crossan | August 2020 | 216 pp

Whew chile.😶 Small rant: No matter what, I will never understand the spouse that galavants around town cheating on their mate, embarrassing themselves, their mate and their children, declaring they’ve ‘married the wrong person’, all the while, at home in the marriage, wanting and being given the latitude of understanding, love and trust to allow this behavior. On the other side, I have no idea why you side tricks seem to believe everything that comes out of a cheaters mouth! SIS?! He lied to his children and the woman he swore before God to cherish, to be WITH you right now! What makes you think he lies to everyone else EXCEPT you? Ya sex ain’t bought you a man of your own, but you think it light a fire in him so strong to treat you different from errybody? (Sidebar, the exact same thing is true with men.) 🥱🙄🤦🏾‍♀️ End Rant.

I digress. To err is human, we all fall short of the grace of God and all that jazz. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Keep ya forgiving wits about you because you will need it while reading this one. Introducing our protagonist Ana Kelly, a married mother of 2, Estate Attorney, and mistress to Connor Taylor, husband to Rebecca. Ana is working one day when she gets a phone call from Rebecca (Becky, fitting😏) explaining her husband Connor had died.

We are meeting Ana as she is in the grips of grief and mourning the loss of her lover, Connor, of three years. She is telling us the story of their relationship and her becoming to this point in her life, in a sort of stream of consciousness, haphazard way a friend my vent a drunken night out on the town to you. Not all the facts are given upfront (as I did in the last paragraph) but only as they become relevant. For example, you don’t know Ana is a married mother of two, until is necessary for to example why she couldn’t stay out all night with Connor. She needed to go home and take care of her family. You sort of assume her husbands a cad until, bloop, you realize he’s an excellent father, seemingly primary emotional caregiver to their young children and she’s actually the short tempered, mostly absent parent. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Ana manipulated her name into Connor’s will as executor and this allows her an opportunity to befriend Becky and gain access to their home and children.

Pros: Ugly details but interesting story. Maybe a behind the scenes look of what its like to be the other woman in this scenario. Ana is certainly ballsy and self absorbed but, in grief we would allow that wouldn’t we? Does it matter of shes grieving another’s husband? I thought Ana’s husband was depicted quite realistically. I mean, he doesn’t know, so he is responding only to what he sees. Same is true of Mark, Connors best friend. At one point he throws Ana out of Becky’s home, unafraid of any consequences. Good man.

Cons: This maybe a behind the scenes look but it didn’t reveal anything groundbreaking. On top of that, it ends quite abruptly. Lets just say, this is a story about telling, not resolution. Connor doesn’t get to defend himself and Becky doesn’t get to speak for herself either for that matter. Its all about Ana. Though Ana does determine that Becky is not the mean spirited, anxiety ridden wallflower Connor describes and I think this leaves her more resentful towards Connor and perhaps herself. And maybe her own husband is simply doing the best he can, being sincere and respectful to her feelings and present for their children as is she certainly is not.

By the end, I was no fan of Ana and we’d never be friends. Im pretty sure some one like Ana doesn’t have friends. Mean, harsh mom, distracted wife and self absorbed woman..hard pass all around. It is a different, interesting perspective of a standard trope. Very quick read, definitely worth it. Goodbook 36 of 46!

StoryGraph Summary:

Ana and Connor have been having an affair for three years. In hotel rooms and coffee shops, swiftly deleted texts and briefly snatched weekends, they have built a world with none but the two of them in it.

But then the unimaginable happens, and Ana finds herself alone, trapped inside her secret.

How can we lose someone the world never knew was ours? How do we grieve for something no one else can ever find out? In her desperate bid for answers, Ana seeks out the shadowy figure who has always stood just beyond her reach – Connor’s wife Rebecca.

Peeling away the layers of two overlapping marriages, Here is the Beehive is a devastating excavation of risk, obsession and loss.

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