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I promised that I would participate in a few tags this year and low and behold the universe has tilted in my favor. I’ve been tagged by ZeZee with Books in The Black Blogger Book Tag! 🎉

Actually, by tilted in my favor, I have no idea what I mean because unlike Zezee, I am NOT caught up with my book reviews and have no time for this but..obedience is better than sacrifice. We shall consider this manifestation of a blessing desired, light a candle and push through. 😉

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Welp, Im a 45+ (did I just type that? ugh!) professional living in Georgia. I use my Blog as a vehicle to disconnect and relax. Some thing’s not mentioned elsewhere on my Blog: I have a beautiful, spoiled dog, (pit/lab mix) and we enjoy long walks, in matching jackets, at a nearby lake. Well she enjoys them, I suffer through. Similar to what she thinks of my home office selfies. 😬 Im an avid gardener! When I’m not reading or while i’m listening to a good book, I grow everything from aloe to zucchini! Kinda different for a girl born and raised in West Philly! Aye, as they say, don’t judge a book..😘

Who’s a black author you love that other people don’t know about?

Farrah Rochon

Last year, in the middle of the shit storm that was summer 2020, I read her book The Boyfriend Project. It was like quenching a thirst I didn’t know I’d had! The book was so unapologetically unproblematic and sexy and I loved it!

The lead character finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her via some other chic live tweeting while on a date with him! In a restaurant near her house to boot! To make matters worse, the girl is basically outing him as the loser she didnt realize he was! Long story short, she heads over to the restaurant to confront him and ends up making close friends of the live tweeter…and a few other woman this guy was seeing who show up as well. The friendship leads to the women making a pact, swearing off men, until they complete a personal goal. Well, most people know you never find anything until you stop looking chile. 🤦🏾‍♀️ 🤣🤣

Again, this book was such a breath of no triggering fresh air🌬!! I know Rochon has written other books but, I’ve never seen/heard her come up in book reviews or vids. Definitely deserves more hype!

Favorite book about the black experience?

I would say most books by Terry Mcmillan. Immediately, Its Not All Downhill From Here comes to mind because I’ve read it recently. It depicts an educated, middle age+ woman, as a successful business owner, married to a black man that loves her, (Y’all know THIS TOO is the black experience, yes?🧐) navigating the pitfalls of surviving a trauma that disrupts her life suddenly.

I grew up with McMillan and her most of her work depicts the black experience I know: a dynamic mix of black love, self awareness, ambition, and abundance, with a dash of life happening…because it does happen. Her characters are people I recognize from my life: professionals, entrepreneurs, convicts, or all the above. Young and old black couples that love one another, homeowners, women being friends, supportive parents, folks throwing parties and cooking and celebrating. Again, life happens: unexpected pregnancies, terminal illness, drug addiction…hoe activity. 😜 But, if you’re looking for the ever popular Jim Crow-esque tale of how we never gonna make it…keep it moving. For me, I sho’ wish y’all stop buying that shit. 💅🏾🤷🏾‍♀️

Favorite book by a black author?

Whenever someone asks me about my ‘favorite book’ I will forever have one answer: Assata an Autobiography by Assata Shakur. I first read this book when I was maybe 14. Ive likely read it a dozen times since. The words of the revolutionary, and FBI’s first wanted woman, reminds me of my strength, my beauty and my obligation to the movement and myself.

Recommend a black & queer book: Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender

Felix Love is a young, black, transgender male with ambitions of attending Brown University on an art scholarship, if high school doesn’t kill him first. He is suffering through the trauma of his dad ‘deadnaming’ him (calling him by his birth/pre-transition name) and being outed in high school as trans. The torture here gets pretty tough to me and worthy of a strong trigger warning. Felix does overcome but first goes on a much needed journey of self discovery and learning about love and friendship. I loved this book for the valuable representation it offers teenagers in the same space as Felix.

Recommend a book with a black person on the cover.

Children of Virtue and Vengeance by Tomi Adeyemi. 🥰Admittedly, I liked the first book more but, Im still riding with Zelie and Amari. This story is about a group of young people attempting to bring magic back to their oppressed people in order to save themselves and their land. 🥰 I love the cover art for this series. Both books share a prominent position in on my bookshelves.

Recommend a book by a black author that makes you happy.

We’ve already established I don’t read to singularly support big publishers ideology of ‘black struggle lit’. Therefore, I’ve got plenty of answers for this one! 💁🏾‍♀️ But, I’ll keep it cute and short.

First what makes me ‘happy’ about a book? It has to give me story, plot. I want characters that are living and then boom, something happens and they need to pivot. Or nothing is happening and they want a pivot. It works if their life reflects some golden nugget, experience or lesson I can use or relate to and, again, is not mired in stereotypes of the black experience or a glorified, grainy retelling of slavery.

Americanah, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Epic lovestory of two people that grow apart to come back together. The story spans decades and countries, intersecting with race, culture and family and what those things mean in America and in Africa.

African Immortals series, By Tananarive Due

Black men and women that live forever and have supernatural powers. ✅ I loved this series and recommend it to anyone that enjoys vampire stories!

An Accidental Affair, by Eric Jerome Dickey

How can one of his novels not make you happy? There is always a tall, sexy, (in my mind) deep voiced, black man that drips charm all over the pages like honey on buttered toast. 🥰 And an equally sexy, smart woman giving aforementioned king, grief. 🤣😂 The sex scenes are on point and the guy mostly gets a girl…even if its not ‘the’ girl. 😜 This one has a complex plot that includes the sexy man attempting to protect his successful sexy wife, with a twist at the end that will leave you on the edge of your seat until the last page! Rest in power EJD!

The A.I. Who Loved Me, by Alyssa Cole

This is an Audible only title and was my introduction to Cole. It is really a very fun, lighthearted story read by Regina Hall and Mindy Kaling who are, of course, crazy funny irl! Its a story set in a future where AI has evolved a great deal, to say the least. Diverse characters, futuristic, comedic twist on a romance with a thriller twist!

Talk about a book from a black author, to be released in 2021.

While Justice Sleeps by Stacey Abrams

The Queen has written 8 other romantic thriller books under pseudonym Selena Montgomery. I plan to work my way through all of them in 2021.

Tag black bloggers!

Im not necessarily tagging anyone but, here are some black bloggers that I follow, Enjoy!!

The Wolf and Books

Adventures in Reading, Running, and Working from home

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Brown Girl Book Geek

Beautiful Thoughts Not a book blogger- and he may not be black, but go get your life anyway. He writes nice words. ❤️🌞😉

Until the next tag! ❤️😘😘


  1. Lol! You cracked me up! I had such a fun time reading this, and I’m glad you did the tag 🙂
    I grew up reading McMillan’s books too, or rather, I snuck and read my aunt’s copies when I wasn’t supposed to. I’ve always liked her characters. And I was so hooked on Eric Jerome Dickey’s books too. I’m so sorry he has passed.


  2. I love Terry McMillan, need to catch up with her newer ones – they’re on my wishlist. As a white woman from the UK, her novels taught me about a new world I had not experienced but I was keen to know abouot. And you’re so right about their joyful and positive aspects. While it’s admirable for people to read books about history and struggle, it’s very limited to keep it all to that. I just read “Open Water” which had about an equal amount of struggle and joy, and I tried to highlight that in my review.

    Liked by 1 person

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