Dorothy Must Die #SeriesReview

Author: Danielle Paige

Dorothy Must Die | April 2014

The Wicked Will Rise | March 2015

The Yellowbrick War | March 2016

The End of Oz | March 2017

A different style book review from me today! I have always reviewed books one at a time, but, this time Im reviewing a series so Ive decided to chat about them all at once.

Paige published her reimagining of The Oz series between 2014 – 2017. (Actually, in March so its fitting Im reviewing these now!) There are also 9 separate novellas that tell of each characters journey. I didn’t read those but, eh, who knows what the future may bring? I will add them to my library list. This series has been on my radar for several years because Im such a fan of the original tale. I enjoyed reading the series and would like to learn more about each characters specific story.

Its a modern retelling of the classic with a horror twist so if you like the story of plain Dorothy traveling towards the Wizard, with nothing more than a few flying monkeys to contend with, this is probably not for you. This is more for The Wiz and Maleficent crowd. 💁🏾‍♀️ In this version, Dorothy’s gorgeous slippers may be evil and she and her buddies are holding Oz captive.

The Scarecrow appears as the Straw King appointed by The Wizard. He is an evil scientist of sorts that performs horrible experiments on the innocent people or creatures of Oz. The Tinman or here, the Tin Woodsman, is a solider of sorts, in love with Dorothy. The Lion is a huge beast that draws power from the fear of others. In other words, most of the characters are their Frank L Baum opposite.

Their nemesis is a new chic from Kansas, Amy Gumm. Unlike Dorothy, she wouldn’t mind being rid of her impoverished life in Kansas but she’s not thrilled about being positioned as Oz’s savior. But, there’s a guy…so, you know how that is, motivation. 😂🤣 Amy teams up with Glinda and her witch crew to attempt to bring Dorothy down.

Pros: I really enjoyed the series. It is YA but, its fast paced, with lots of action to keep you interested. Dorothy and her crew are particularly mean and torturous. The love drama that plays out between Amy, Pete, and Nox is cute. Even though we all know the world of Oz, descriptions are thorough and I felt immersed.

Cons: Really, none. The story doesn’t drag and series books pick up where prior books end, which I enjoyed.

The series has several themes I would imagine could be a bit dicey in the YA crowd: teenage pregnancy, bullying, teenage sex scenes, child abandonment, and queerness. Most issues are resolved positively but, I still enjoyed the representation. #GoodBooks #49-52!


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