Mean Streak #BookReview

Sandra Brown | August 2014 | 409 pp

I typically relish Browns leading men and heroines. I even look away when motives are thin…but, non-existent or absurd? Thats even a stretch for me.

Emory is a pediatrician, marathon runner, and in a troubled marriage with Jeff. On the eve of her traveling to a remote, snow covered mountain to train for an upcoming marathon, the two have a huge argument and leave things ‘up in the air’. At this point, Im thinking Emory is the jerk, since her husband thought the idea of running on a remote snow covered mountain, ahead of a storm, was ridiculous as the rest of us. Its too bad because as she’s running that afternoon, she’s hit in the head and kidnapped. She wakes up in a remote cabin with strange man.

The mystery man wont give his name and claims he has no way of reaching the outside world. He’s taken her cellphone and shoes- there’s no practical way for her to leave. Of course he claims to be protecting her as the search around her disappearance ramps up. Emory is presumed dead, her husband becomes the prime suspect with 2 detectives hot on his trail, uncovering all his secrets.

Pros: A lot of twists and turns with this one as Brown leans heavily on thrills and goes a little light in the romance area. I wasn’t disappointed whatsoever. The husband didn’t stay in my good graces for very long and we soon find out Emory has surrounded herself with people who shouldn’t be trusted. All the more need for her mountain man to protect her!

Cons: The mystery routine with our leading man is more than ridiculous. Probably, no more ridiculous than training for a marathon in the middle of a NC mountain snow storm. 🙅🏾‍♀️ Its no spoiler that he didn’t assault and kidnap her, thats not even what Brown does. And the truth is, Emory didn’t believe it which is why she stopped fighting him to begin with.

Eh, don’t let non-existent motives and ridiculous plot lines get in the way of a good thriller romance! This was a fast paced fun ride right until the end. No one can be trusted. Enjoy! Good book #62

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