Moriarty #BookReview

Anthony Horowitz | pub 2014 | 285pp

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! I don’t remember reading Sherlock Holmes as a teenager, though I fell head over heels for Agatha Christies, Hercule Poirot. I read every story in the series, developing my love of detective style mysteries, as a youngin.

I learned of this book through The Gael @ Fictitiously Reading. She did a very thorough review of the book in December 2020. I looked the book up in my local library and bingo!

This book starts with following our narrator, Pinkerton Detective Frederick Chase. He is flying to Switzerland from America, chasing a criminal he describes as being nearly worse than Satan himself but certainly, the recently deceased Professor James Moriarty. Chase believes this new fiend is attempting to infiltrate Londons crime scene and wreck havoc. He must stop him!

While in Switzerland, Chase meets London detective Athelney Jones and together they set off to discover and stop the illusive criminal.

Pros: Jones is an interesting character and I enjoyed getting to know him. He apparently idolizes Holmes and attempts to solve crimes in the same smart, quirky manner. Chase is equally as interesting as our narrator and describes the goings on in detail without going overboard. The two make a new version of Holmes and Watson and they proceed to get into some hi-jinx thats sometimes funny in its quirkiness, and always entertaining. Both characters are very smart though Chase holds his cards a bit close to the vest.

The pivotal scene, (of course I cannot say much!) is dynamic and I never saw the damn thing coming. Very well written.

Cons: None for me except I didn’t know this was a second book in a series and I would have liked to have read the first book beforehand! 🤦🏾‍♀️ You don’t have to, mind you, this is completely stand alone but, Im weird like that. I sort of feel robbed. I may go back and read the first book, though reviews imply this one was the better of the two.

Really great book and Im so happy it was something Ive picked up from a fellow reader on WordPress! #Goodbook 10/2021

If you enjoy a good whodunit, I recommend:

Secret Patient by, Alex Michaelides

Speaking of Summer by, Kalisha Buckhanon

The Gone Dead by, Chanelle Benz


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