Blacktop Wasteland #BookReview

S. A. Cosby |pub July 2020 | 320 pp

I just finished this book and it was really good. Its a bit of a rocky ride but, overall i enjoyed the emotional journey.

Beauregard “Bug” Montage Is a family man with a small struggling mechanic shop as his only source of income. A new fancy mechanic shop has opened across town and its been stealing his business. The strain has caused him to fall behind on payments and they are close to being put out. His estranged mothers poor decisions has come back to haunt her and the nursing home where she lives is threatening to throw her out unless he can come up with $30k in a week. Lesser things have likely broken a man. But, Bug has always made a way so he sets out to do just that, this time. He meets up with an old buddy for some street racing and winds up getting caught in a larger scheme that costs him time, money, and if he’s not careful, his family.

The larger story is about Bug reconciling with his past memories of his father and his childhood. Bugs daddy was a son’a bitch country, outlaw driver, that left Bug as a child to pay the price for something he did, and his momma never forgave either of them. If Bug doesn’t figure his shit out, he’s bound to repeat the same mistakes with his own wife and child.

Pros: Story is set in current day, deep south. Institutional racism and segregation is a backdrop to the story but not the lead. The cast of characters is surprisingly diverse which adds to the texture of the story. Nice to have a strong black man, flawed as he may be, dedicated to his family as a lead character. Also nice to have him married to a supportive, smart, yet reactive black woman. The story is filled with action, betrayal, and love and reconciliation. And, even though the action is consistent, the climax still comes at you like a freight train.

Cons: The opening chapters were a bit triggering. Scenes revolve around a traffic stop between Bug and the local police and things go off the rails. Stick with it, the scenes are necessary to set the pace and give you insight into Bug and his reputation. I wanted to put this down but, i’m so happy I didn’t!

Overall, I liked Bug. I’ll leave it there so not to spoil the ending for you! I read this in March and Ive already sought out more from this writer. His latest, Razorblade Tears, released July 6th, is on my buy list! Good book 15/2021


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