If Only For One Night #BookReview

Victoria Christopher Murray & ReShonda Tate Billingsly | 2018 | 285pp

I picked up this book from my local library. Nice reminder our local libraries are important and we should utilize them! I rediscovered library’s during lockdowns and have saved a bunch of money borrowing e-books on my Kindle, through Libby, the library app, rather than buying them directly. Sketchy hack: you would probably be successful opening an online account in any county you’ve ever lived! Pandemic guidelines have loosened verification requirements that will work in your favor, give it a go!

Anyway, I hadn’t heard of this author but, representation on the cover got my attention sooo..lets go.

The plot is about 2 people that meet during a weak time in both of their marriages and offer comfort to one another. Are they soulmates? Would you give it all up for your soulmate? The story is told from both of their perspectives, eventually. Angelique, is a bored, unhappy, wife, unable to get her husbands attention, even when she’s trying to throw it at him. 🤦🏾‍♀️ She distracts herself by playing Words With Friends, an online word game that allows you to play random folks online. The app has a chat feature and eventually she starts a conversation with one of the players that catches her fancy. Blu is a local businessman, married to a chronically depressed woman that doesn’t leave their bedroom, much less the house. Both of them distract themselves from thier miserable situations by flirting in the chat. Which eventually leads to a face to face meeting.…and ‘one night’ in a hotel room. Problem is, Angeliques hubby isn’t as distracted as she thinks. And maybe with some motivation Blu’s wife can get her shit together?

The buildup to Angie and Blu’s meeting is filled with plenty of entertaining banter between Angie and her girls about wither or not she should pursue a relationship with Blu. On one hand, there’s always a hater in the mix but, on the other, its fair to hesitate before throwing away time invested too easily. The girlfriends do a good job of arguing both sides.

After Angie and Blu spend one night together, things get mire interesting fir Blu. He decides to talk to his boys about the possibility of Angie being his soulmate, even though he’s married with a couple of kids. His wife basically refuses to battle her depression and he’s unhappy.

I think the story really takes off after the couples illicit night, when the two have to decide where the grass is actually greener, home, or elsewhere.

This was a super short read that gets to the point pretty quickly. Really interesting story and I like how the author allowed it to play out and wasn’t committed to the perfect happy ending. Like I always say: Your blessing ain’t never gonna be someone else’s spouse! Angie’s friends were a bit much for me but, the perspectives were valid. I also liked Blu’s storyline of dealing with grief and depression in his marriage with a person who refused to heal. Allowing yourself to be unhealthy and allowing it to linger does take a toll in your marriage. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Good read!

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