While Justice Sleeps #Book Review

Stacey Abrams | May 2021 | p 384

Last May, I did a thing. Mahogany Books, a black owned bookstore in DC, held a bookclub with The Ms. Stacey Abrams ahead of her release of While Justice Sleeps. Lord knows 2020 had been trying and frankly 2021 wasn’t shaping up to be much different. I remember looking forward to the break from reality and hanging with a fav while she chatted about her latest fiction novel.

Brit Bennett and Stacey Abrams discuss While Justice Sleeps

While Justice Sleeps is a political/legal thriller that starts with us meeting an unassuming heroine Avery Keene, a law clerk, serving Justice Wynn. Avery is pretty sure the Justice hates her and is surprised when, after he slips into a coma, he has made her is legal guardian. This leaves Avery with more power than she understands and everyone is after her. Wynns family wants her to turn over the guardianship to them and there are others that have a vested interest in her keeping it and doing what they want, for financial gain. This turns into a mostly fast-paced chase through Avery trying to find out what is going on, following clues she believes the Justice left for her to find, and convincing others she wasn’t having an affair with the Justice and wants no personal gain. Even though she’s from a broken home that includes a drug addicted mother that may do anything including selling her daughter out to get a fix.

Admittedly, I don’t usually go in for the legal dramas. I find they goto deep and my eyes and brain gloss over, lost in details about our broken justice system. 🤦🏾‍♀️ This wasn’t the case here however. I mean, the systems still broken, but, Abrams was able to explain the loophole that made the plot plausible and I didn’t get bored. Thats probably because Abrams loops in several side plots, murders, and even a romantic twist.

The story does drag in some parts but, if you’ve been here before, you know i grow impatient with waif victims beyond 2 chapters. Get on with it! I longed for Avery to curse out her drug addicted mother that meant her no good and stop playing punching bag to the local officers.

After multiple murders, fast chases and puzzle solving, it all does come together to a satisfying end. Because of all the twist and turns and legal stuff, this would make a great bookclub book! Definitely gave me feelings of Agatha Christie and Dan Brown. Quite enjoyable!

Kind of disappointing to see Im approximately a year behind in reviews. Though I believe I have released any guilt from not being timely on this blog. I haven’t stopped reading, its one of my most enjoyable past-times. I even immediately outline my thoughts and feelings in my notes. I just don’t rush to complete the review and post it here. Life seems to get in the way. I have taken a social media break for Ramadhan (I was too late for Lent), convincing myself WordPress is different, perhaps the cleanse will allow resurgence here? We shall see. Blessings, S. 😘


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