Fake Accounts #BookReview

Lauren Oyler | pub: Feb 2021 | p 272

Lets catch-up! Its been a crazy year and not in a great way. I’ve lost 3 people that were close to me and it’s certainly given me pause to take care of myself and lean on the support of my friends. I’m happy to say I’ve managed to find solace in things I enjoy and reading is definitely one of those things. So, even though I’m massively behind in posting about my books, I’ve read a shit ton of stuff in 2022 and I cant wait to share all the good reads! I’ve even taken the time to update my About page! I have NOT yet updated my IG page but really…isn’t that sort of social media dead? I’m over it.

Anyways, just wanted to check in prior to jumping into the review. Be sure to post below what you’re currently reading! I pray all is well with you are yours!

This was an interesting quick read for me. I listened to it over a weekend while doing chores and I think it was a good choice for the occasion. Looking back to the time I read this, it was definitely an era of short quick reads/listens. I wanted deep quick drama that I could complete in a few days or over the course of a project. Fake Accounts certainly fit the bill.

Speaking of social media being dead, the book is told by out an of work/soon to be out of work blogger that is about to find out, her boyfriend, Felix, is an online troll. She goes through his phone and finds the dupe Insta, promoting conspiracy theories and all round crazy shit, that she knows irl – is not how he presents. (Note: There is truth behind every lie. tell’em I told you.) Our narrator, we never learn her name, though the people say, the narrator greatly resembles the author Lauren Oyler. Pity that. Anyway, ol’girl watches over this guy and his troll IG feed for the next few weeks, while she convinces herself its existence is a great grievance against her and humanity. I say that because frankly, before or after the event, I didn’t get the impression our narrator was a genuine, integrous person that gave a shit about anyone but herself. IMO, she was likely most upset about the fact that he had more followers and likes than she did! 🤦🏾‍♀️

We learn how the two meet and eventually, she decides to break up with him, only after she spends a weekend in DC with a male friend. I know, confusion. I think this may have been to make him jealous or get some type of emotion out of Felix. Meanwhile, the friend in question may or may not have been gay. Felix does offer her an emotional response of sorts, but, I wont spoil it for you.

Pros: If you like contemporary, social commentary style drama – this one is for you. Its elite, pretentious and serious with out really scratching the surface, for 272 pages. Even though its set in 2016/early 2017, this will likely appeal to the younger, slacker, I need to find myself and live my life crowd, as our narrator, quits her job on a whim and moves to Germany. She does not speak German.

Cons: See above pros. This book could have been sooo much! The plot revolves around an admittingly shotgun relationship w/Felix and her reactions to finding out he isn’t who he says he is. But, she explores the truth of it all later, when she starts dating and presents herself in a different manner to each person. No, she may not have been promoting violence a’la insurrection, but, its still a sort of violence to lie about who you are online and waste peoples time. That is being a Troll, my dear.

According to the people, (booktube and twitter research) the author is a Twitter girlie that writes essays online, about how being online, has ruined life. Gotcha. This feels like an extended essay, not a novel. Like, she stopped short. Maybe at some point she exposed someone for having a troll account, quit writing and moved to Europe to babysit and meet boys in bars. 🤷🏾‍♀️🙄

I’m not saying this wasn’t a good read. It was. Even the falling short of it all left me with feelings…and isn’t that art? It should be read, so you can feel the things have an opinion and possibly – logoff of your own troll account. Stay blessed, S.

If this sounds good to you, here are some others in the same vein:

What we Lose, Zinzi Clemons

Severance, Ling Ma

The Right Swipe, Alisha Rai


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