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In Feb ’21, I did my first tag and swore I would do more. I ain’t done one since. 🙄 Welp, new habits can always be established! For my first tag back in 2021, I was tagged by ZeeZee With The Books and for old time sake, I pulled this one from her. Zeezee always picks good tags and reads interesting books, check her out! 

 Zeezee couldnt find who started this tag and I put zero effort in trying..if you know, feel free to tag them. If not, don’t let the guilt kill ya…its all in fun. Anyway, I thought this would be cool way to mention some recent reads- enjoy! 

Last book I..bought: Upgrade by Blake Crouch and Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson

I ❤️ Crouch books! I pre-ordered this on Audible and devoured it in 3 days. This story is set in a future where we can manipulate our DNA. I gave it a solid 3 stars but was overall disappointed in the story. I expected more, as his previous reads had been 5 star reads for me. I just thought it could have been more.

I’m a new Sanderson reader. I first heard about him on booktube and decided to give The Final Empire a try. The books are based on the twist of the bad guy not really being the bad guy everyone thought he was, and the young lady that travels to the end of the world to figure the whole thing out. Its epic fantasy with an interesting magic system involving burning different metals. Overall, 3 stars.

Last book I..borrowed: Lapvona by Ottessa Moshfegh 🤦🏾‍♀️ Honey, I STILL don’t know what the hell I just read. The tale follows a group of folks that live in a medieval village. The main characters are a particular family and members of the local Lords court. Its Moshfegh so the story is tragic, harsh, depressing, the characters are flawed but, relatable. The first young man we follow, loses his mom, is beaten and hated by his overly religious father, and ultimately kills a cousin…for we are not sure what reason? And I think that’s Chapter 2. Moshfegh doesn’t cut corners: important characters die, poor servants are degraded, the rich get richer by stealing from the poor, religious representatives are name it, it happens. Overall 3 stars…maybe an extra star for a shock value.

Last Book I…was gifted: Dune by Frank Herbert – I recently finished rereading the first 3 novels and Im starting to listen to the next 3. I wanted a special version with sprayed edges and a good friend made it happen. 😘

Last book I…gave to someone else: Gave may be strong. Folks routinely ‘borrow’ books from my home library. I think an aunt borrowed Razerblade Tears by SA Cosby most recently. The story follows two men, one black, one white, seeking revenge and redemption for their gay sons murder. We get to witness their realization that they likely didn’t love their sons the way they should have because of their homosexuality, but they refuse to allow their murder to go unanswered. Cosby books are not for the easily offended, he’s likely to tag you’ve been warned. It was a great read and a good time – 4 stars.

Last book I…started: Fairy Tale by Stephen King. So far, its a story about a boy and his dog going down a deep dark portal to another world, that he finds in his dead neighbors backyard shed. I mean, its King – what ELSE would it be about?! It gives Narnia, without the religious overtones.

Last book I…finished: Anonymous Acts by Christina C. Jones – I love Jones’ romance stories. This one was probably tamer than most but, was still a nice change from all the epic sci-fi and fantasy Ive been reading lately. The story is a twisty tale about a young woman that is overheard threatening her estranged husband, right before he pops up, brutally murdered. No one can be trusted, her staff, college mates she shared with her husband, her family, or her husbands lover. Will her internet boyfriend come to her rescue? Will they find love? This was a feisty romp I mostly enjoyed.

Last book I rated 5 stars: Tough…I’ve read some good fantasy this year…sexy fairies, misunderstood vampire kings, young girls turned warrior pilots and the end of the Green Bone Saga. Translation: Sarah J Maas’, A Court series (yes, all of them!), Scarlett St Clair’s, King of Battle and Blood, Iron Widow by Xiran Jay Zhao, and Jade Legacy by Fonda Lee.

Last book I rated 2 stars: Im a DNF’er so if I’m not enjoying myself, I’m gone. I will x you on GoodReads like you never happened. If I finish the book, its worthy of at least 2 stars but, only because it was probably like watching a car accident happen…painful and sad but, you can’t look away.

The Cage by Bonnie Kistler – 2 people ride in an elevator, mysteriously, one turns up dead in a couple floors and the other says she doesn’t have a clue what happened. This was torturous to complete, mostly because I hated everyone except the dead lady.

I’ll Be You by Janelle Brown: I was surprised I didn’t like this because I enjoyed the authors 2020 release, Pretty Things. This one was about twin sisters that take very different paths and the ‘bad’ one has to pull herself out of her depression and addiction to save her ‘good’ twin from a nefarious cult. Sounds like it should be good…except both these bitches are crazy. Im not sure who told one she was ‘good’. #Laughable

Yes Daddy by Jonathan Parks-Ramage What did I read? Honestly, life would be better had I not read this. Young gay man, picks up older man for a summer fling and chance to stay at his beach home for the summer. Once they get to the beach house, tables are turned and the young man is ‘forced’ into some sort of servitude, required to work as a servant and sex slave. Why is this happeneing? 

Last book I…dnf’d: Things We Do in The Dark by Jennifer Hillier I tried, but almost half way in and still, didn’t even care about the twists I knew were coming. Young girl with secrets comes home from scandalous met up to find her older famous comedian husband, dead in the tub. She’s arrested as the primary suspect because, ‘surprise’, she’s found holding a knife, standing over him. After the arrest, for several chapters, we just spin in circles about her anxiety if someone, everyone, anyone, finds out about her secrets. Girl, I don’t care.

Last book I…listened to: Olga Dies Dreaming by Xochitl Gonzalez This was an interesting read for me. Follows a young lady, her brother and their families while living in gentrified Brooklyn. The siblings are grappling with the absence of their parents, addicted father and mother that left to join some Puerto Rican revolutionary group. Young lady is looking for love while helping her brother navigate his budding political career and sexuality. This book wanted to be a lot, and only accomplished little. All the side plots made this incredibly confusing. I never got to spend enough time with the characters I actually liked. This, for sure, is a cultural read. If you’re from one of the newly gentrified, browner boroughs, Puerto Rican, or share a similar immigrant experience – even with all the subplots – this will resonate strongly with you.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this and picked up some books you’d like to give a go in the near future – Best, S.



  1. Thanks for the shoutout! And book tags can be great, man, just gotta find ones that appeal to you cause the questions/categories can get repetitive.
    But wow! That Mosfegh book sounds intense.


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