The Dating Playbook #BookReview

Farrah Rochon | August 2021 | 368pp

So, maybe not the end of the romance era? 😀 Farrah Rochon’s The Boyfriend Project was a 2020, 5 star read for me. In that book, we met lead Samiah, London, and Taylor as they make a pact to swear off men and achieve their goals in the next year. The best laid plans! Samiah immediately gets swept into an office romance that is every bit modern and real, complete with young successful black female lead, making decisions in corporate America. Brava!

The Dating Playbook is the second entry and we focus on the life of Taylor. She is a highly capable personal trainer but, she hasn’t gained a lot of attention, and the bills are due. One day, pro-footballer, Jamar, drops in one of her workouts and eventually, asks if she could train him back into the league. She takes him up on the idea because of course if he gets back in, this could be her way to gain some recognition. The plan isn’t without its obstacles. Jamar wants to keep the workouts secret in case he fails and Taylor doesn’t want anyone to think they’re dating because it could cost her credibility. Also, Jamar is fine, fine.

Pros: I really enjoy Rochon’s style of writing over Emily Henry’s runaway train like ramblings. The language is more mature than Helen Hoangs nearly middle grade verse. Rochon’s female leads are never without sin, which will give Alisha Rai’s completely naive characters a run for their money. <With that said, I’ve enjoyed all these writers for different reasons…and Ive possibly just introduced you to 2 other diverse authors, writing diverse romance characters, in this review. TAKE THAT.>

Maybe underneath, this is just another forced proximity or fake dating trope, but I liked the way the author dressed it up and it was certainly more convincing than most. The truth is, if folks think the 2 are dating, it will cost Taylor credibility because people are cynical and men are trash. But Jamar has a lot of insecurity around his ability to overcome his knee injury and get accepted in the league. Taylor has a lot to loose and plenty to gain if this all goes well, the stakes are high and the writer pulls you in to the bet.

What I like most is the story does not get wrapped up tight with a bow. Nothing is perfect and these two may not get everything they want. It doesn’t mean that it all isn’t ok in the end.

Cons – Really none. good length, good suspense. I’m an adult, I don’t need a fairy take ending.

No steamy scenes that I can remember, this is not that type of romance. But definitely some well written intimacy between some great characters..that happen to look like me. Cheers to that! Good Read – S. 🌟🌟🌟🌟



  1. Ms. Rochon gives us two characters we are cheering on for them to get together. I like that the characters have flaws and issues to learn about and grow from. There were two steamy parts where the author cooked up some spicy enchiladas. I like how important friendships are and that the characters are not only dreaming of love, but career fulfillment. I read this one and the Boyfriend Project in one weekend!

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