Redemption #BookReview

Kenya Wright | Dec 2019 | 475 pages

I am shooketh! This was my first Kenya Wright book and I had no idea. Sister girl – god bless you, where ever you are! (PS, Ive come to find out, she’s actually here)

This book was so much fun! And was actually a bit more serious than I was expecting. Im not sure how I came across this one. This was an audiobook suggestion likely based on my recent reads, by Farah Rochon and Scarlett St. Clair. Whatever the reason, I enjoyed listening to Mari and Eric Michael Summerer read Ms Wrights beautiful words to me. The story was lovely, with plenty of violence and sexual tension between the characters. Well , maybe a little more than tension but…we’re adults here, right?!

Ebony is a single mother of 3, on the run from her abusive and connected ex-husband. He seems to find them wherever she lands and the last time went waaayy too far. <The violence here could be triggering from some: domestic violence in front of children, possible rape> Ebony is not sure what to fear more, did she kill him? Or, worse, maybe she didn’t? Its Christmas, she is low on money and gas, in the middle of a snow storm with no where to go, when she crash lands on Yoshiro’s property. Yoshiro takes in the family, offering the kind of sensitivity and protection only a retired assassin can.

Eventually, Yoshiro begins to understand that Ebony is running from her ex and decides to help her fight for her life. More than that, he plans to kill the guy. He decides this is exactly what he needs to help end his self imposed hiatus from love after loosing his wife and child years ago. Yea, murder sounds like therapy – lets go!

Pro: I enjoyed the diverse characters and the story has plenty details about the lives of the characters which made it all feel believable and got me as the listener pulled into the sense of urgency. The husband is a real jerk. Ebony’s mom is an enabler. Plenty of action and violence along with great sex scenes – why isn’t this a movie? Oh, asian man as sex symbol..? Desiring a black woman? I digress. The heat between these two is palatable and thankfully very unproblematic! Enough Fifty Shades of BDSM already.

Cons: None for me, though plenty of triggers. We get into the weeds of some pretty serious domestic violence scenes, family members enabling the abuser, gun violence, and maybe the whole asian man as ninja assassin is a bit of a fetish🤷🏾‍♀️.

Overall, really great story. Where is Jerry Bruckheimer when you need him? I haven’t listened to many audio books but, in my opinion, the narration is top notch. The votes were excellent and emotional and really supported the story. I immediately searched for other things this team has read and I will listen to more from them. I also immediately searched for Kenya Wrights backlist and she has PLENTY to choose from! I am so intrigued. Her Lion and Mouse series seems to get a lot of stars and good reviews – I will definitely be checking it out! Heres to the graduation of the Romance Era to the Smut Zone. 😂🤣. GoodReads!

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