In January 2018, I challenged myself to read 24 books of fiction in 365 days. I hadn’t read fiction in years, too busy trying to better myself by reading self help books. But, lets face it, self help books are boring and exhausting. I wanted to have fun! I searched Amazon, Instagram, NY Times bestseller lists, my own bookshelves…crafting my ‘tbr’ or to be read list and jumped into my challenge.

I figured, in this era of over sharing, why not post on social media about the books I’d read? I started sharing my commentary, good or bad, on my personal IG and FB accounts. Some of the books lead to some personal epiphanies, which I included in my commentary, while others were just not my favorite. All and all, I enjoyed it. Responses to the post made me aware that other people either enjoyed reading as much as I or wanted to know how to get started. They had questions…maybe I have answers? Thus, this blog was born. I’ll post the reviews from 2018 and start 2019 with a goal to read 24 books, again. This time, hopefully, with you reading along.

Just fyi, on my perspective: I’m a professional, 40 something, educated, black woman from Philly, now residing in the south. I’m fond of rap music, cigars, Macallan 18, blue crabs and…Oh, and books. I’m fond of books. 😍 Cheers!

To contact me, please email me at: shes_reading_now@outlook.com