Reading other blogs, I see folks saying they’ve read well over 150 books in a year. Listen, I have a life or, I should say, I have a job. And this blog is my side bitch.


Sassafrass, Cypress & Indigo

“I remember reading it & thinking everything about me, a young, black girl from West Philly, was magical. The way I talked, dressed, what music I listened to, how I cooked my food, even my cycle..all a gift…”

The Good House

“… murder, mayhem, sexy deep voiced black men (in my head💁🏾), some African gods, a big beautiful, creepy house, and very interesting characters make this a great haunted house story. “

Heart-Shaped Box

“The story twists and turns and we get to enjoy some great self discovery about the characters but, the shit is weird. You will think twice before exploring weirdness in real life.”