Jade War #BookReview #series

In comparison to JC, which was focused more on the clans using brute force to win territory, War is more about the long game. Each clan attempts to use covert political strategy to gain leverage, causing some pointed collateral damage


We Have Always Lived in the Castle

Through a teenage girl’s perspective, you begin to learn about a very well to do family in a small working class town. The oldest member and apparently well liked member of the community, was recently poisoned to death. The town, as judge and jury, has deemed the teenagers older sister as the murderer, though a real court room did not condemn her, but, judged it an accident. Sometimes, judgement by our peers is far worse than any courtroom could deliver.


In Candyland, a loner on a long drive pulls over in a town and gets caught up in..local norms, shall we say. Lol. This is a must read for anyone that enjoys long rides across states, like I do. The fun and fear is pulling over in a different spot and meeting the locals. This one combines all the neurotic things my sister thinks will happen to me when I pull over.

Jade City #BookReview

The story is staged in a country that instead of a current day mafia style gang, it has arguably, more dignified, Jade families. Jade is a powerful jewel giving the wearer enhanced senses & fighting strength. The families, it’s members & supporters are entwined in government & local businesses operating under a long running truce. The story begins when one family seeks to end the truce & expand its territory.


Reading other blogs, I see folks saying they’ve read well over 150 books in a year. Listen, I have a life or, I should say, I have a job. And this blog is my side bitch.

The Good House

“… murder, mayhem, sexy deep voiced black men (in my head💁🏾), some African gods, a big beautiful, creepy house, and very interesting characters make this a great haunted house story. “

Heart-Shaped Box

“The story twists and turns and we get to enjoy some great self discovery about the characters but, the shit is weird. You will think twice before exploring weirdness in real life.”


The characters in this book are living a boring adult life rife with struggle and love when thrust into an environment that forces them to deal with the extremely fantastical.