My Sister, The Serial Killer #BookReview #BookChallenge

Oyinkan Braithwaite | Published: November 2018

If I kill someone, my sister Heather will not be the person I call to help cover it up. Heather can just barely stand touching raw chicken, dragging dead bodies around town would be way outta her bag. Like Ayoola, I’d call the nurse, my younger sister. I can hear her now, “Well, where are you?” Because, even pissed at me, the idea of:

1. having intimate knowledge of an imperfection (being a murderer) AND

2. that SHE was the one person I called to help..

Well, opportunities to hold that level of superiority over your sister don’t come often, best to not allow it to pass! ✅ And that my friends, is the overall premise of My Sister, The Serial Killer.

The story follows sisters Ayoola & Korede. No spoilers, we meet them as they are disposing of the youngest sister, Ayoola, latest victim. She’ll go onto kill several others and along the way the oldest sister tells us how and why she thinks these things happen. She’ll also attempt to stop her sister from killing someone, which may cost her own life.

Overall the book was a great, quick read. I think it’s sold as a view into choosing family over everything but, I’m not sure that’s what it is. It’s a story about siblings. About how in some families, for any or whatever reason, one child can be cherished or valued over another and, how that preference, can be detrimental to the preferred child as well as the one(s) not preferred. I found Korede to be resentful not only of her mothers preferential treatment of Ayoola, but also Ayoola’s failure to correct it. I don’t think she helped her sister because of her sense of familial loyalty. She did it because she enjoyed having the secret of her sisters insanity. Having that secret allowed her, I think, to harbor some feelings of superiority over her family. Maybe even changing her role in the family dynamic from mommy’s lessor child or victim to protector or champion.

This was a well written book in my opinion. Great dialogue, good suspense, though I thought the male characters were written pretty one dimensional and naively. Though the themes are complex, the writing is fairly economic and Murder and sex scenes are not graphic. If so, probably would have made for a better book.

If you have a sister, I’d recommend reading this book. I challenge you to a quick relationship assessment afterward. Would your sister help you out of true compassion or to have the info on you? #GoodBook #2019 Book 24 of 36!

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