56 Days #BookReview

Catherine Ryan Howard | pub: Aug 2021 | 305 pp

Too soon for books set during/around covid? I think not! So did Catherine Ryan Howard apparently, as her latest thriller, 56 Days, uses the pandemic as backdrop. And, its pretty good!

Ciara and Oliver meet in a local grocery market (I mean, isn’t that where the old folks say you should meet a man?!). Pretty early on we learn that Ciara is a bit of a weirdo with secrets. Eventually we learn, Oliver has his own secrets. Like attracts like, and their relationship buds. But the lockdown is coming and the two don’t want to loose one another in the lockdown. If the world is ending, lets do it together! Ciara, who lived in a crappy place anyway, moves to Olivers posher flat, and the story takes off.

56 Days tell the story of how these two, both with huge secrets, manage to live together and grow to love one another deeply. Unfortunately, its not meant to be and someone ends up dead.

Pros: Cool story, like really. This story definitely had some twists and in the end I questioned everything! Initially, we learn about each of the couples individual backstory, and we get to suspect each of them of either doing shady things or at least being capable of shady shit. Oliver is hiding mail and keeps Ciara’s existence from his employers, who owns his apartment. The unraveling of each of their personal stories was interesting and kept me intrigued. But, as they grow to love one another, they each want to share their secrets with one another. Over a few fateful days, the whole shabang comes undone.

I don’t think a thriller has ever had me in my feelings so strong! I was frustrated, angry, sad, then felt the justice in the end. I was definitely entertained! I swear these two seemed like a couple I could be friends with. If they lived in my building, I would certainly invite them over.

Cons: This is a timeline jumper. We bounce from today, to childhood, to recent future, back to today. 🤦🏾‍♀️ The jumps come with little warning and it was somewhat distracting. I was also initially distracted by the idea of them moving in with one another so quickly. The author does a great job of creating circumstances to support it but, it was still unbelievable to me. To be fair, it all comes together in the end.

Speaking of endings, it lived up to the hype. I loved it. I loved it so much, I wont even mention how the story was a bit draggy in the beginning. 👀

This is one of those thrillers/whodunnits that doesnt allow me to say much about the actual plot without giving up the whole thing. Basically, these 2 share a history that both are trying to cover. They both think they are getting over on the other and in the end…well…read it!

This was a good book overall and my first book by this author. I strongly suggest you lay down your covid anxiety and give this one a read! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Good Read!


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