Lock Every Door #BookReview

Riley Sager | published 2019 | 384 pp

I think the author took everyone’s worst nightmare and turned it into a hellava story. Yikes! This is one of those thrillers where saying too mich will give up the plot so this review will be short and sweet.

Jules Larson is broke and broken. Less than $500 dollars in the bank, got fired from her job to come home early and find her live-in fiancé in bed with another women. No where to live, no job, no prospects. She somehow lucks up on an opportunity to apartment sit in a fancy shamancy apartment building in town. The owner offers a beautiful condo/apartment to live in, while she’s being paid a rate to stay. The Bartholomew is a beautiful apartment building in a very posh area of town, Jules has no intention of turning the opportunity down, even if it sounds too good to be true.

It is in fact, way too good to be true. Off the break, weird creepy shit starts happening. Jules learned previous house sitters have just disappeared without a trace and rules require she not speak to any other guests in the building. Jules may be broke but she’s also curious. She starts chasing down some of the history of the building and its creepy stories. Soon, she starts feeling like people are watching her from inside the apartment and the one person she regards as an ally, maybe her biggest enemy.

Pros: Really well written story. This is my first Sager and I’ll likely be back for more. The author is male but writes females and poor very well. I really believed Jules desperation and why she took such an obvious risk. The characters are complex- and what they are doing is wrong but, if you had the money- what would you do? The story unfolds well with so many red herrings. Right up until the end I wasn’t even sure what type of book I was reading, horror, murder mystery or a goth thriller.

Cons: No real cons for me. A lot of characters and I often get turned off by that but, here they are distinguishable and all push the story forward.

Maybe a little slow getting started considering the break neck pace it ramps up to but, definitely worth the investment to allow the story to bloom! Good book #61

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