The Inn #BookReview

James Patterson & Candice Fox | Aug 2019 | 384 pp

When a Patterson read goes well, it’s typically off the charts and this book would be no exception!

We meet Boston police partners Robinson and Malone in the middle of a call that would gain them an amount of notoriety. Shortly thereafter, both cops are disgraced, are fired and part ways. Fast forward, 2years later, Robinson, cop turned InnKeeper, is still mourning his wife that was killed in a hit and run accident. His Inn, turned mostly long term residents, are a rag tag bunch admitted by his wife: An ex-fbi agent, a mute sniper, a wheelchair bound ex mobster, a retired doctor, his wife’s 15 year old cousin, and a schizophrenic ex military officer.

While helping a friend, Robinson discovers a new drug being pushed in his adopted town and decides to confront the drug dealers and run them out of town. 🤔 Is that what y’all do in Boston? 🙄 Anyways, that works out like you may think and so the war is on. Robinson and his Inn gang/chosen family, against a particularly cruel and violent drug dealer.

Pros: Its a fast paced interesting story with very little build up. There are so many angles and mini sub-plots between the characters, you stay interested. Also, Patterson understands the concept of a reader liking a character! (!!!) I hate reading about people I couldn’t care less about! In the end you will be rooting for Inn Gang!

Cons: Somewhat predictable but who cares? It was still a fun read. Some of the reasoning used is thin and not practical. I mean, a random, disgraced ex-cop is called in by the town’s sheriff to help him clear the place of bad guys? And said ex-cop from the big city thinks ‘I’ll just run him outta town’?! 🤦🏾‍♀️ Its laughable, even for a fictional piece.

Pattersons duets, as I call his co-written books, have introduced me to a couple of really good writers. I think I’ll look up Candice Fox’s backlog and give it a once over. Goodbook 12/2021

If you enjoy crime thrillers, check these out:

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