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Lucy Foley | Feb 2020 | 330 pp

This was my first Lucy Foley and I may attempt another. I didn’t fall in love here but, I think its a fair chip off the ol’Agatha Christie, murder mystery, block.

Like The Death of Vivek Oji, this is a very character driven book. Unlike Vivek, I didn’t like many of these characters. 🤦🏾‍♀️ I hate when that happens.

The story revolves around D-list actor groom and his bride to be, who is seemingly over the moon excited to meet her life’s goal of landing the town ‘catch’. 🙄 They’ve decided to be married on a remote Irish island, with a hundred or so of their closest friends. High school and college mates, old business partners and family members. Suddenly, a terrible storm rolls in and they are cut off from the rest of the world for a bit. Thats when the body turns up.

I don’t think its the authors intention for us to dislike the characters and to be frank, we are not meeting any of them at their best. No spoilers but, as you may suspect, most of these folks hate each other! They’ve been pretending to like one another while figuratively and practically, stabbing one another in the back.

The brides younger sister, who is our narrator for most of the story, is an overly anxious, not very quick witted waif, who nearly kills herself in the beginning by walking straight into the sea, the grooms ‘boys’ from private school harbor resentment over his popularity in school and seemingly, stolen celebrity, and the couples family is whole other deal.

Pros: There are a lot of characters but each come with their own story and interesting perspective. Im pretty sure thats why I kept reading. I knew someone would get dead, I was curious who would have the guts. 300 pages later the ending ramps up pretty quickly and everything comes to a head, nicely.

Cons: This is a slow burn. It takes chapters to figure out Whats Eating Gilbert Grape, the younger sister of the bride. (😂🤣 I know that reference went over some of y’alls head. Good book, iconic cast for the movie, look it up!) And frankly, it aint that deep. Just another miscommunication trope that could have been settled with a text.

Matter of factly, most of the issues here are really about lack of confrontation and communication.

On another note, you should gift this book to any bride to be as a cautionary tale. Girl, invite only your closest friends to your wedding! I promise 200 people do not like you. And because you want to feed people who secretly hate you, Im eating dry chicken breast and drinking cheap wine?🤦🏾‍♀️ Ugh. #MiniRant 😂🤣 Goodbook 13/2021

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  1. Yeah, no idea what the Gilbert Grape reference means. This does sounds like an interesting read though. Great review.


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